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Renovaré Clinic is a promising endeavor by Dr Rajeev Agarwal and his wife Saroj Agarwal (herself an accomplished Embryologist). Renew Revitalize, Rejuvenate is the mantra of the clinic. It’s a futuristic clinic that deals with restoring a woman her youth, be it about restoring her fertility through rejuvenating her ovaries or improving her uterine lining or giving her freedom from painful intercourse (vaginismus). Similarly stress urinary incontinence can be a distressing and embarrassing problem that needs to be either suffered or operated. Now there is a treatment available that’s a one time but everlasting solution to the nagging problem.
The clinic will provide a 360 degree solution to the problems and will encompass behavioral therapy, counseling, physical exercise and rehabilitation as well as the use of cutting edge technology to alleviate the problems without medicines or surgery.

Role of Hysteroscopy in Gynecology and Infertility Management

Hysteroscopy is a valuable diagnostic and therapeutic modality in the management of infertility. The advent of hysteroscopy in the field of gynecology has revolutionized the diagnosis and treatment of intrauterine disease. Recent technological advancement had made hysteroscopy efficacious, cost effective and safe. Hysteroscopy, is considered the gold standard for diagnosis of intrauterine lesions.


Platelet-Rich Plasma - A Revolutionary Therapy

Platelet rich plasma (PRP), the platelet rich component of blood that gives blood its healing property on wounds is being hailed as the new miracle treatment for anti-aging, reversing ovarian dysfunction, reviving fertility potential in women with advance maternal age or pre-menopausal women, allowing them to conceive after menopause using their own eggs. PRP is extracted from the women’s blood and in a day care procedure injected into the affected area. PRP Treatment results have been promising in current findings.


Ovarian Rejuvenation with PRP

Platelet rich Plasma infusion therapy offers women with menopause or poor ovarian reserve and poor egg quality a chance to conceive using their own eggs. This revolutionary therapy now available at Renovaré clinic in Kolkata will allow women with Poor Ovarian reserve, Primary ovarian insufficiency, Ovarian dysfunction due to chemotherapy or menopause to possibly revive their ovulation potential and conceive using their own eggs. This may be worth a try for Women before seeking IVF with donor’s eggs.


Endometrial Lining Improvement

Thin endometrial lining is the main factor behind repeated implantation failure and is the reason behind multiple cancellations of Embryo transfers procedure. PRP therapy for Uterine Rejuvenation involving Intra uterine Infusion of Platelet rich Plasma is a very promising treatment option for improving thin endometrial lining and rejuvenation of the endometrium from prevails damages. Results of recent studies on the effectivity of PRP therapy for uterine rejuvenation has given conclusive evidence in its favor. This revolutionary treatment is now within your reach at Kolkata at Renovaré Clinic.


Vaginismus - the miracle cure

Bio-Neuro-Toxin (BTX) therapy for vaginismus can help women experiencing pain during sexual intercourse overcome vaginismus pain. Pain during penetration has prevented couples from having children naturally. Vaginismus therapy using BTX can help couples have pain free sex and conceive naturally. Women suffer vaginismus in silence and this has a lot of psychological impact on the woman and the relationship. BTX therapy for Vaginimus can help these women relieve the pain during sex and lead a normal sexual life.


Stress Urinary Incontinence

1 in 8 women suffer from involuntary urine leakage or Stress Urinary Incontinence. SUI can prevent women forum leading a normal life. Frequent visits to the washroom notwithstanding, accidental Leakage may happen while doing regular activities like bending, lifting weights or even while sneezing, coughing or laughing. This is more often seen in women with Vaginal Delivery. SUI treatment conventionally includes exercise and surgery but a more effective and Noninvasive therapy option is available at Renovaré Clinic.



Femi lift is a wellness solution for women experiencing a variety of feminine problems that prevent them from enjoying a satisfactory life. It is a minimally invasive procedure that can tighten the vaginal muscles, improve vaginal dryness and itching during menopause and reduce urinary incontinence by strengthening the pelvic support structure. It has been proven to be effective in vaginal rejuvenation post-delivery, relieving post-menopausal vaginal dryness and treating stress urinary incontinence.