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It was an awesome experience with Care IVF Kolkata. The staff there are very efficient, friendly and supportive. They have thorough check ups and continous follow ups on patients.We just wish that we had gone there earlier.

Smriti Gupta

When you become a mother for the first time there are a number of emotions one goes through which may be of fear, happiness, confusion and so on and for one to be attended at this stage with love care empathy and patience are qualities which you rarely find in todays medical world. Having said that Dr Rajeev and his team at Care IVF is where I found all of the above qualities. 9 months of my pregnancy was exceedingly well taken care of by Dr Rajeev and his team. Even though during the last few months there was a complication detected, it was handled with so much ease that an anxious mother to be like me had hope and confidence that things will turn out fine, this would never have been there had it not been for Dr Rajeev. A big heart felt thank you to Dr Rajeev and Care IVF team and

Ritika Agarwal

At Care IVF there are group of dedicated and compassionate doctors who strive to ensure the best patient outcome. Despite of the growing size of this successful practice, there is still a high regard to individual attention given to each patient.There were many complications in my pregnancy but thank to 'God' and 'Dr. Rajeev' that all were sorted out in best way. Best care was taken for my baby inside the womb.After my 2nd delivery I can pitch out high that ' C- section' for me was more comfortable, less painful and easy recovery as compared to my 1st delivery which was normal and not under Dr. Rajeev. Thank you doctor for all your support!!!


Dr.Rajeev Agarwal is a gem of a person, he is a blessing to complete the family.

Harshika Sethi

When I was to pick a gynecologist to go to, needless to say, with his experience, it had to be Dr.Rajeev. The last 9 months have been a great experience all thanks to him and his team. Each member of his team is extremely knowledgeable and experienced and that shines through in their patient care. Thanks to him, even the delivery and post-delivery recovery was much easier than I had expected. Dr. Rajeev truly cares for his patients and addresses their smallest of concerns. I would like to thank his entire team and wish them all the very best in all future endeavors.


We had been trying to conceive for two years before we decided to go through the IVF process. We came to the clinic where we spoke to Dr. Rajeev Agarwal about our problem. He explained it all to us and we decided to go for it. The quality of treatment under him was beyond what I expected. However, my first IVF didn’t work and we made a quick decision of going through another cycle. I am keeping my hope high for this IVF cycle. Honestly, his clinic is brilliant. He is tremendously good to us and made us feel happy with the choice we had made. I would be very happy to recommend this treatment to other couples.

Rohit Singh

We have approached Dr Rajeev Agarwal for IVF treatment through Dr Dorothy few months before and we are still under treatment. Laparoscopy and Hysteroscopy of my wife Richa were done by Dr Rajeev Agarwal day before yesterday and I must say it was done in such a smooth way that my wife doesn't have any problem. We had great experience till now as he explained in detail how the operation was conducted and what all had been done in operation. We had already gone for IVF treatment at a major hospital in Delhi and in Bombay but its first time any Doctor is taking us as an individual case, not generally doing formality while providing a generalized treatment for all. We are very hopeful this time for IVF results due to Dr Rajeev's approach towards our case.

Priya Kapoor

My journey towards pregnancy began 3 years ago and when I started neither of us knew it would be a 3 year long one - one that was also an emotional roller coaster ride - like most infertility journeys are! But with Doc (Dr. Rajeev) around... it was a much simpler and smoother journey ! He was always there as a perfect friend, philosopher and guide. The reason that made me stand on this other side of the line was not something I could not try and get over and Doc never forced me to jump into the IUI or IVF arena either. He told me how to tackle my problem and when I went back to him with a white flag.. he counselled me on both IUI and IVF treatments and we decided to start with IUI. Livnig in Mumbai, it was difficult for both of us to come down every month for the treatment but Doc was always there by our side, seeing to how he could make it simpler for us. He made it possible for me to undergo half my treatment in Mumbai which required me to be present in Kolkata just on the day of the IUI transfer. If i ever needed an appointment with him before that, Skype appointments came to my rescue. I never felt I was talking to my doctor across the country. Everything was so well taken care of for me! I even developed OHSS during one of my cycles which lead to the cycle being cancelled that month and after all the scans, medicines, blood tests and injections thats the last thing you're looking forward to.. but the pitfalls were explained to me with such honesty that it only made my trust in my doctor take a deeper root inside me. Month after month my IUIs failed! It was definitely not easy not knowing when this journey would take a turn but Doc always reassured me saying its not the end and theres always light at the end of the tunnel. I felt like i was standing under an apple tree waiting for oranges to fall when my 5th IUI failed and he understood what I was going through. I joined the group counselling sessions at care and even took personal counselling sessions after Doc's suggestions. Without breaks, one can break down and Doc explained this to me only too well. We met again to decide the next course of action and I decided to take a break and come back for a pick up and eventually start with IVF. Another year passed by and I underwent a hysteroscopy and then a failed attempt at IVF. He always called me to discuss my blood test report on the D-Day and his words were always very reassuring. Without him standing next to me like a strong pillar of support, I dont think I would have managed to fight 2 more failed IVFs. Now with 5 failed IUIs and 3 failed IVFs and a little less than 3 years behind me, Doc was more concerned then I was. I had left everything to him and was only still walking this journey because I knew he would definitely find me a solution. He proposed doing the ERA test explaining that for 5% of women, their transfer date should be something else and the test is usually done when someone comes with a history of repeated IVF failures. ERA was done for me and 15 days later, I got an email from Doc with my report attached and a line saying "Its positive! :)" Suddenly it felt that my world was going to change though I still didnt know after how many more attempts. He even explained to me why we didnt jump into ERA in the first phase of IVF as it would have been wrong to assume in the initial phase of things that I belonged to the minor 5% group and start my treatment based on that. Never did I feel even once that all avenues of treatment were not being explored with me. I knew that I was receiving the best in my current set of circumstances. The next month my transfer happened again and 2 weeks later I got a call from Doc again, saying "Congratulations.. I am so happy to share this with you! Even the entire clinic is jumping with joy!" 3 years of emotional turmoil came to an end. Doc seemed even more happy than me. Now that I am pregnant today I know that I dont have to worry about anything because I know that he is one person who will take care of the problems even before his patients can begin to feel them. In my first trimester when I started bleeding, I thought it was over all over again. But he sat me down and made me understand that once again it was not the end! My journey with infertility taught me that plans fail and back up plans can fail too but with Doc around, my mental health was taken care of too! He made me realize that "Nobody succeeds all the time..but nobody is destined to remain a failure either!" For those who are planning to take a step forward and fight their battle with infertility, I can assure you that you will always find him sitting all calm and composed in front of you, discussing your problems like they were his own and doing everything possible to find you a solution and making the journey simpler for you!

Priyanka Agarwal

A beautiful journey has come to an end. Thank u so much dr rajeev for the special care n attention i recieved in my entire 9 onths. Ur team has been of a great support as well. Best wishes to u n ur entire team.

Aditi Bedi

Dr. Rajiv Agarwal and his team at Care IVF are nothing short of being perfect. I can't imagine a more comfortable scenario for any patient with Dr Rajiv Agarwal always being there for guidance, support and to address any concerns that the patient may have. I have had a wonderful experience at the clinic during both my pregnancies, and I can't seem to thank him enough for that.

Nikhat Zahan Nitu

Dr.Rajeev Agarwal success heproscopy doing me its better oppression no painfull. good concern my husband.. I have fill batter. I hope he success full to my ivf tepment .. I wish to all the best care ivf good team work leader ship Dr.Rajeev Agarwal... thanks to all

Vandana Agarwal

Dr. Rajeev has always been there for any kind of help... Really wanting to get more positivity in the upcoming time ... That can be completed only under sir's guidance

Purnima Mehta

I don't think I would have survived 2 pregnancies without the help and guidance of Dr. Rajeev Agarwal. Like all 1st-time mother's I was soo scared n apprehensive... But I met him, spoke to him and all my fears were taken care of. When u have a doc like him... U know all is gonna b well. He is the best there is. Thank you, doc for everything... N mostly for my 2 precious angels. It wud have been very difficult if it wasn't for u. If doctors r gods on earth... U r definitely one of them. Thank u soo much

Kusum Dhanania

A very professional and yet personal touch to every stage of care and management of my pregnancy An excellent team would go to great lengths to ensure the best for you. I am very obliged Thanks

Poonam Agarwalla

The finest doctor I have ever met! A patient gets half better meeting the doctor only and he is one such doctor. He is more like a friend to you than a doctor. His extra care towards the patient makes it even more easier and a wonderful experience of becoming a parent. With a doc like him beside you even the toughest experience of pregnancy becomes very smooth.A trust is the most important factor while opting for a doctor and I blindly trust him for he saved me from all odds during my pregnancy..Thank you doctor for delivering my babies and making us happy parents. All the very best in life !

Khushboo Jain

11th march 2017......d much awaited motherhood giftd by u DR RAJIV AGARWAL..... blessed mom of twin boys .......thanku so vry much for patting as a father ,standing beside as a brother,nd ur magical supportive words being d best doctor i hve ever seen in my life,best person who s so vry like family in first meet.ur confidence changed vision to life.... For ppl u might b d best doctor only but for my family ur an amazing person whose words hve super powers......Ur wrds in operation theatre dat i m among ur favourite patients touchd my heart nd made me feel so special.....feel more blessed to meet u before meeting my angels.ur calm attitude while talking to ur patients along wid ur best diagnosis vl take to d maximum height of, rahul,my 9yrs daughter nd my mother in law really really cant forget u lifetime nd Want to pay u heartily thnks for evrything ...evry meet wid is d cherished moments of my last one year...once again thnks in tons millions n many more

Bidisha Chakraborty

I would like to thank Dr. Rajeev for rending utmost care in carrying out an almost painless hysterescopy with septum resection (and more so for detecting it at the first hand where other renowned clinics failed to do). I am very pleased with Care IVF and Dr. Rajeev for their services rendered. Looking forward for more as Care has a very friendly hospitality and also for its honesty and transparency. Thanks, Bidisha Chakraborty.

Priyanka Goenka

Dr Rajeev is one of the few doctors who answers all queries made by the patient he is a very good listener and sometimes I mistake him to be a counsellor he is very approachable....he and his team are prompt, thorough and everyone makes sure that the patient is comfortable.

Kirti Chowdhary

Dr Rajeev AGarwal is among the few best ganecologist, that our country has. He is such a patient listerner that he will never tell his patients to hurry up or leave fast because he doesnt have time .This is one quality which is reallly like. He is a doctor with a golden heart the way he conducts himself is commendabe. Sir all because of you i am in a stage in my life where i am extremly happy and would like to thank you with folded hands.

Zainab Calcuttawala

Dr. Rajeev Agarwal and his team at care ivf are an exceptional team of care givers. Infertility treatments tend to drain us physically, emotionally and financially but at care ivf they ensure that process is as stress free and hasslefee as possible. Dr. Rajeev Agarwal and his team ensure that their patients get the best possible treatment and utmost care which is what sets him apart from the rest. I'm truly grateful to him for all that he has done for me. He's always been available to answer any questions I've had during the course of my treatment , irrespective of what time of the day it was, he would reply promptly either by call or message. Thank you so much once again.

Swati Sethia Golchha

A friend in a doctor or a doctor in a friend, both hold equally apt for him ....I haven't met any other doctor who is as proficient and as compassionate as him and yet so approachable ! With him around, there's always an unflinching faith that all will be well. ....all has to be well :) Thank you doc & the team do CARE a lot !!!!!

Snigdha Shah

Dr. Rajeev is one of the most pleasant doctors I have ever come across. His way of treating his patients in a calm and composed way surely helped me deal with both my baby births and post recovery. I thank him for being there during every hour of need and making us feel protected and well looked after. Thank you, once again Doctor

Ruchi Bothra

Dr. Rajeev (@Care IVF) had been my primary care physician during my pregnancy and had always provided the absolute best care, best advice and treatment during every visit and every issue. I sincerely trust him, his medical knowledge and his judgement. The entire staff was also very friendly and helpful.

Sudipta Parikh

I am a mother of two kids. I meet dr eight years back for my 1st child as I came to know from my friend that he would be the only doctor in cal who could be helping me to have a Normal delivery. In my 1st visit I was convinced that I'm in the best hand . In the hospital when the nurse n The hospital Doc discouraged me in my labour pain saying it's impossible for me to have a Normal delivery it was only him who gave us all the confidence n courage to go ahead with our decisions. My husband and me both have immense trust on him so we did visit him back for our 2nd child.

Ritika Kauntia

If you believe in God Then I surely have to be here to believe it... I am 36 yr old and I have not seen a better doc than him...The concern and comfort which is provided by him is something people now a days search in ones family ...I am happy to have two little angels in my family and all thanks to the doc...A magician...A miraculous man...and an incredible human being...Dr Rajeev Agarwal...

Sneha Kandoi Jhunjhunwala

Being a mother is the most beautiful moment in a girl's life...One that makes her feel complete...She wants the journey to be absolutely magical...With Dr Rajeev it's been nothing less than a fairy tale... Right from taking my first appointment till the day I delivered it's been a smooth ride and a memorable one too..He and his team have always lent a patient ear to all my first time mom questions.. he's always been a phone call away...His comforting and inspirational words worked better than medicines and helped me fight from within... Thank you doc for giving me my bundle of joy and for being more of a friend than a doctor!!

Navdha Taparia Patel

Dr. Rajeev is one of those very few doctors who will treat you not like a professional but as a friend. Not every doctor will make himself available to your queries and emergencies even in the wee hours of the day. You can keep throwing as many queries and questions at him as you want, and he will answer each one them with a lot of patience. I just delivered a baby girl 14 days back and I have to admit that I have had the most splendid experience! What is even better is the fact that his team, Care IVF, understand and share the same passion as him. I just cannot thank him and his team enough :)

Pronita Dean Ghosh

Dr. Rajeev Agarwal's warm and calm approach helps ease a patient's anxiety. He takes care to answer a patient's questions in great detail, spends a lot of time with each patient and doesn't rush through appointments as has become the norm these days. I know I am in safe hands with Dr. Agarwal.

Rajrupa Chotrani

It is great to be treated with professionalism and care. I have always been able to talk to Dr. Rajeev to get my problems resolved. Coming to Care is like dealing with trusted family.

Nidhi Bajaj Malik

Dr. Rajeev and his staff are all I could have hoped for in a medical practitioner. He always provided the absolute best care, and I believe, best advice and treatment during every visit and for every issue throughout my pregnancy. If you are looking for a doctor who understands motherhood is extremely approachable and helpful throughout.... Dr. Rajeev is the one. 5 starts and a big thumbs up to him and his team. Thanks a lot :)

Pooja Sahai Narainghani

Dr agarwal and his team are very affable in their approach,meticulous and technically savvy in their area of expertise . They are probably only ones in this field that I've encountered who understand that with motherhood come a lot of questions, doubts and fears. He's been instrumental in our journey to parenthood .

Shradha Modi

Dr Rajeev Agarwal is indeed the best doctor. Each and every member of the CARE team is very well chosen and the best in town. Kuddos to the entire team. Keep delivering babies and continue to take blessings from thousands of parents!!

Shradha Poddar Modi

First time I met Dr. Rajeev was in Feb 2011. The first meeting itself is enough to make u positive about everything. He is by far the best doctor and Hunan being I have ever met. And this is definitely a rare combination to find. He was always available any day or time and this was very imp for me as I was outstation. He is the one who made me experience the most beautiful thing in this world Motherhood!! Kudos to him and his team the lovely work they are doing. Just stay the great person u are always.

Vasuprada Khaitan Dalmia

There are innumerable words which can describe Dr. Rajeev but one has to be his patient and be under his care and guidance to know and realise how medicine should be practiced and how a patient needs to be treated. Always a simple call or a text away, never in my experience of nine years with him has he ever been unavailable (irrespective of time and place) and neither have I ever been told "this is not possible" and this shows a great deal of respect and love for his profession and patients. Illness and problems are a daily sighting for doctors but for a laymen its something which causes a great deal of stress and anxiety, Dr. Rajeev always plays the role of a pacifier/counsellor and a doctor with great ease which in turn generates immense faith and confidence - a prerequisite for any patient-doctor partnership. Professionalism and care go hand in hand with him and that is true to the entire team of Care IVF as everyone at the clinic has been handpicked by him individually.

Aditi Pasricha

I still remember the day when I came to your clinic. It was the toughest time in my life. The personal attention &kindness shown by you helped me to overcome all my fears. I have no words to thank you. For me you are next to god.

Smriti Saraf

Dr. Rajeev is one of the best doctors of this country. The 21st century brings modernisation which has its own benefits but it also comes with mental stress that hampers health and to a very large extent getting pregnant. Dr. Rajeev is a very modern and established doctor and his success rate of pregnancies keeps increasing every year. It's a matter of pride for us women to have such an accomplished doctor in our own city Kolkata. He duly takes care of his patients and is a very good listener. We are blessed to have him in our lives. I am sure even the sky is not the limit for him. His hard work and dedication has brought a smile in millions of lives. He is my favourite and will always be. All the best doc!

Swati Jalan

I came to you with a ten year history of infertility but your comforting and reassuring words worked better than any medicine. For people like me you have been an oasis in a desert . Your thorough knowledge in the field of infertility is your USP, I felt safe in your hands when I was your patient back in 2010. I know you only strive to get better , but actually your are the BEST. And here's wishing you the BEST always ~

Seema Dhoot

I had my baby after 7 years of my marriage when i took your treatment.My son has brought immense bliss in my life and my husband and I thank you for this bundle of joy in our lives and will always be grateful to you.

Jasmine Soni

Before saying that u are an extraordinary doc, I wana tell u that u r an extraordinary human being .thanks for showing so much care n concern. If every doc strives to be as caring and generous as u the world would b filled with smiles n laughter instead of pain n sorrow. The nightmare of my illness slowing became a dream of recovery. You have been much more to me than just a doc. U have been my friend, well wisher and an angel in disguise. An apple a day keeps a doctor away....but who wants to keep good doctors like u at bay....?? Thank you... to the bestest doc in town.

Reshu Bansal

A good doctors comforting and reassuring words are sometimes more powerful than medicines .. And that's exactly how it was with you. You and your team have always been extremely loving, caring and supporting ! I can't thank you enough for helping me sail through both my pregnancies so smoothly ! You have always just been a phone call away.. Thank you once again for always being there whenever I needed your guidance and care.


DR,RAJEEV bhaiya I hope you remember me. I am here RINKU KEDIA. During my delivery I got a lots of support &confidence from you. I still remember as a doctor you take care of elder daughter . That moment is unforgettable for me .

Roshni Dagar

After a series of traumatic miscarriages,my mother and I walked into Care in 2011. At that time I was a mother to a 4yr old but I always wanted to have 2 kids. Some friends,relatives and even my husband believed that after so many miscarriages it is next to impossible for me to have another child. But it was indeed a miracle when in 2014 I was blessed with my second child. Dr. Rajeev is one of the finest doctors I've come across. So accomplished and brilliant but what makes him different from others is his immense confidence,positivity and he is so sure about himself. Dr.Rajeev works with ease yet so thorough. Utmost faith in him throughout my pregnancy, not an iota of doubt did I have. The nine months were just as normal. The best care I could have ever got. Like I always say .......can't thank you enough Dr.Rajeev:)

Shweta Lodha

A person who has given life to so many ....and purpose of living A person who made so many dreams come true A person who made so many faces smile That person is doctor Rajeev Agarwal . Thanks a lot doc for doing such an amazing job Keep it up . Best wishes always .

Neha Sawalka

I am blessed to have found a wonderful gynaecologist like Dr Rajeev Agarwal .I have known him for over six years and since then there has been no looking back . The best quality that one needs in a doctor is understanding his patients and being there for them . Doctor Agarwal goes out of his way to make sure that his patients are getting the right treatment at the right time . He makes his patients feel very comfortable and looked after . All i can say that he and his team at care ivf our the best :)

Suman Manaksia

Dr Rajeev a name that is a synonym to care,trust and complete dedication. Anyone who has been treated by him knows that and me being one of them. I was at his door step many a times for various reasons and the minute he spoke all anxieties disappear.He explains problems with a perspective and you walk out his door with the solution. I had ectopic which got diagnosed late and when I went to him it was two hours before my tube could burst,he gave me a new life. This testimonial is more of a gratitude note to you sir.

Richa Bothra

Dr Rajeev Agarwal, or should I say God on Earth. He is the most loving, humble, totally dedicated, and someone who can make you laugh even in your labour, lol. Though I am a mother of a 6 yr old special child, but still I am thankful to Dr Rajeev for giving me my most precious gift, Atishay. He has been my pillar whenever my Son gets hospitalized. I have never come across a Gynecologist who is even concerned about his patients after 6yrs of delivery also. He makes sure he comes to meet me and see Atishay everyday and be with us in our Worst of time. I am Blessed To Have Chosen You as my Gynecologist. You Truely are a blessing. Thanks a Lot For Everything.

Swati Saraogi

Having a baby is the most beautiful moment in a moms life and her family Of Course. You just make it so memorable Doctor. Ithas been a beautiful journey with you. With you around it was Cake Walk. You are the best Doc and everything felt so easy and comfortable under your guidance. I still remember each and every visit with you Doc at the clinic. You are so fun loving cheering and motivating that the entire journey can only but be cherished. Thankyou for the wonderful gift that You deliver for us. Keep that Charming smile on always. All the best forever.

Moutushi Paul

I am writing to let you know how very pleased and impressed we have been with our experience with our experience with our Doctor Rajeev Agarwal and his entire team My husband and  I have struggled with infertility for over 5years. We went through a very difficult and unsuccessful IUI cycle in various places of India. After loosing all hope we came to know about Dr. Rajeev Agarwal. Our initial appointment with him was very pleasent and positive. One of the things I appreciate the most was the fact Doctor took the time to review my past reports and discuss with me the issues he noticed. I was suffering from endometriosis, hence Ivf was the only treatment possible at that point of time. He discussed his entire plan  for my Ivf treatment . I can not express  enough of the attentiveness of both doctor and his entire team. Every encounter we had with them whether in person or over phone was a positive one. We were treated as people - not just 'patients '. Today i am very happy to announce that i m blessed with a baby boy who is now 9 years old. Today i have my family only for Dr. Agarwal's thorough treatment and positive attitude. I have no words to thank you doctor...For you we are smiling. For our family U ARE JUST NEXT TO GOD. Thank you very much. Keep up your good work. THANKS FOR EVERYTHING.

Rashi Ganeriwala

Bumping into Dr Agarwal for me was a blessing in disguise. When I had conceived, I was consulting someone else and was absolutely unhappy. My good luck and sheet destiny that I chanced upon this gem and from then on pregnancy became a cake walk. He makes his patients feel so comfortable, taking care of their individual needs and worries and ensuring one goes hoe with all possible answers. Can speak the same for his team too. They leave no stone unturned to make your journey a smooth and memorable one. I wish Dr Agarwal all the best and can totally vouch for him as the most genuine Doc! Thank you for the precious gift I got six years back!

Priyanka Agarwal Kasera

Dear doctor, your contribution in my life is nothing short of magical. Thanks for all your support – medical and emotional. Going through childbirth is a mix of immense pain followed by immense happiness. In this journey, the presence of a wonderful doctor is simply priceless. Thanks doctor, for comforting me and taking away all my stress. Nine months of my pregnancy could have been a nightmare without your medical supervision. Again,thanks doctor for making my journey to become a mommy a dream come true. Before saying that you are an extraordinary doctor, I want to tell you that you are an extraordinary human being. Thank you :)

Puja Patodia

Behind every happy and smiling parent I would say there is Dr Rajiv Agarwal. My son Kabbir Patodia has been the bestest gift to me and my family and I owe it all to Dr Rajiv...yess he was god sent to me! I have had the best experience in his clinic with best team of doctors and staff..the kind of satisfaction one gets after talking to himis commendable! I once again thank you for everything doctor and hope you keep bringing smiles on every woman's face!!

Nisha Chamria

I feel great writing about doc. Dr. Agarwal is more of a friend and a guide who knows how to handle the hyper tensed pregnant woman! I have had the smoothest 9 months thanks to him. He helped me remain calm and made my pregnancy a healthy one! Best doc to bring your little wonder into this world!! Thanks Doc for all the help and guidance!

Deepika Jain

Pregnancy is really special for each women and with Dr. Rajeev it had been such an easy ride. At the clinic my pregnancy was taken up with utmost care at each and every step. Dr. Rajeev never ignored my silly questions and still dealt with me patiently. He is an amazing doctor with an amazing team. Thanks to the doctor and his team I today have two beautiful children. My best wishes are always with you all.

Payal Kedia

Dr.Rajeev is a kind hearted doctor excellent in his field.he takes care to explain the procedure leaving the patient satisfied and comfortable in his hands.without hesitation I went for my second delivery to him.thank you for always being there .

Kanupriya Sarawgi

Dear care and support epitomizes what you and your team at care ivf stands for. We could not have asked for more...thank u!

Bhomika Misra

Expecting twins is no easy feat. And like scores of women in my position I was filled with nervousness and anxiety when I found out I was expecting not just one but two bundles of joy!!!!! But I soon found out that my apprehensions although not unfounded was somewhat unnecessary. And for this,  credit must go to dr Rajeev and his competent in house team. He walked me through each stage of my pregnancy with kindness and understanding. Dr par excellence and  a good human being I am eternally grateful to him for helping me through this most crucial and sensitive period of my life.

Maneet Sahni

Our experience with Dr. Agarwal has been excellent. His calming influence and detailed explanation of each step during our daughter's delivery helped us immensely as we were first time parents. His advice and examination procedures are exemplary and best in the industry. We highly recommend him to all future parents.

Kamna Golechha

One of the most friendliest and coolest docs ever.. Being with u, my pregnancies had become a cakewalk.. absolutely chilled out, no do's and dont's, and super supportive and approachable throughout. Your entire team is so prompt and thorough with their work, that there is no scope for any complaints. Thanks for being there and to bring smile to so many couples.

Nina Poddar

Specially striking in my encounter with Dr. Rajeev is the fact that he makes every patient feel important and gives them a patient ear. What also impressed me is the fact that he takes care to explain the procedure at length, leaving the patient satisfied and comfortable in his hands. Thank you doctor.

Pooja Bihani

Dr Rajeev is a kind hearted doctor excellent in his field. His patience is commendable. He is a rare doctor I have come across who "listens"! Thank you Dr Rajeev for a ray of hope in my life. Best wishes.

Monika Agarwal

Excellent doctor .... Excellent human being...Excellent team....... I can't thanku enough what u have done for us ....all r queries n repeatative question was answered so patiently heartfelt thanku .....u have given beautiful lives in r life ... We will be greatful forevermore ever n ever.....

Kanupriya Pachisia

My first encounter with a gynaecologist was so bad that I decided never to go back to one, come what may! 10 years later I got an appointment with Dr. Rajeev and was still contemplating going. I'm glad I did because he completely redefined the image of Doctors I had in my mind. I was never scared or uncomfortable talking to him. I realised I could talk about anything under the sun and ask the stupidest of questions without the pressure of being judged. Today Care feels like extended family .. Like it does for most other patients. The entire team is so sensitive and supportive towards you that you never ever feel bogged down by what you're going through! When you believe in your Doctor and know that the treatment is going to work.. Faith has you half cured! Thankyou for making me be able to instil this belief in Care and myself !!

Anita Kejriwal

They say that if you believe in yourself , even God helps you. But my faith in God was dimishing as I struggled for 9 years after my first daughter was born normally, to have a second baby. Diagonsed for endometriosis, I was told , normal conception was impossible in my case. My IVF treatment started under Dr. Sadhana Desai in Mumbai in 2005 where after comi g to Kolkata, I came under Dr. Rajeev's care . I think God had different plans. Never under him, I felt hopeless or dejected. He imparts a positivity in all his patients and according to me that is the first thing any IVF patient needs. He has given a new hope to me in the form of my son. I and my entire family will forever remain indebted to him for his efforts. After 9 years, whenever I see my son today, I thank Dr. Rajeev because I know that he has made the impossible , possible for me. Thank you Dr. I owe my happiness to you.

Khushbu Gupta

Having known you for more than five years now, the one doctor whom I rely on and have complete faith in is You. Because, I know I am under the bestest. You are more than just a doctor to me and Care IVF an extended family!


As we come to the close of 2016, many of us reflect on the blessings we have received in the years gone by. I remember mine, my son! Cant thankyou enough for this Doc! From my very first visit at the clinic, I was made to feel welcome and comfortable both by the friendly competence of your staff and the pleasant environment of the clinic itself. From setting up appointment, registration, consultation and check up process, all staff and physician i met were wonderful, professional and dedicated people. What I found pleasantly refreshing was how you assert yourself with common sense and practicality. It spares first time mums like me from a lot of unnecessary anxiety. This approach reflects on your staff as well. You are the only gynaecologist for me and for lot of others i know. Best in the business and otherwise! Thank you once again for always being there.