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Dr Rajeev Agarwal

Online Fertility Consultation Via Skype

Someone asked me the other day, "I understand Skype Consultation for patients, but what’s in it for you Dr Rajeev .... Money"? "Not really", I replied.

I have been working as a Fertility expert for the longest time possible and I have seen the problems which patients face. They need someone to listen to them, someone who will give time to go through all that they have accumulated over years of treatment. They need someone to be honest and transparent with them, to tell them on their face, is it is and not to mince words. They need someone to explain why they are going through, what they are going through. What treatment will they need? What are the options they have? Sometimes in our busy schedule as doctors, we prescribe medicines and treatments but fail to add what’s needed most .... time and emotions.

In the western world I feel the doctors mostly advise you in a very mechanical manner without adding their own opinion to it for fear of litigation. For a patient who doesn’t understand the process at all, making the decision becomes very difficult. These are the areas that I hope to address with online video consultation via Skype.

The objective of online consultation services would be to merely advise patients on their treatments and to help them go back to their own respective Fertility consultants and get treatment. I would strongly discourage patients who consult online with me to come down to me for treatment. This way the focus of fertility consultation online is on imparting knowledge and helping by guiding rather than enhancing my own practice.

Features of "Fertility without Borders"

Are you currently thinking of having a baby ?

Have you had a Pre Conception Consult ?

Are you having difficulty conceiving ?

  • Do you know what your fertile period is ?
  • Do you know if you and your partner are healthy ?
  • Do you know what genetic tests one must udergo beofore thinking of conceiving ?
  • Do you know what vitamins on must take and for how long before conceiving ?
  • Do you have a medical disorder and not sure how it will affect your fertility ?
  • Have you had tests and procedures done and not sure if you have been diagnosed correctly ?
  • Are you currently under treatment and wanting to ask questions but dont know to whom ?
  • Do you have doubts and want a 2nd opinion but cant travel to another city or another Doctor?
  • Are you simply looking to have someone talk to you and explain what you are going through?

If the answer to any of the above is a YES and you feel limited by geographical distances or by your work schedules and limited time…… Fertility Without Borders is the answer for you !!!!!!! This is an online medical consultation service that will let you consult a doctor via Skype.

Step by Step Guide to "Fertility Without Borders"


Fill an online form which details your history, treatment details, primary doubts that you have etc.


Attach relevant documents, reports and videos if necessary.


Make the necessary online payment for Skype consultation with Dr. Rajeev Agarwal (fully refundable if not satisfied)


The data gets processed by a team of Doctors and converted into a File


A preliminary study is done by Dr Rajeev Agarwal and the necessary files, videos and other documents are sorted.


If the team needs any further information from you, then that is asked for.


An online fertility consult via Skype is scheduled as per a mutually agreeable time.


Dr Rajeev Agarwal hand holds you through the 30 mins skype video consult and discusses your case, explores various options, takes you through videos and other pictures or documents if needed.


Once the online fertility consult ends, the team sends you a summary of the discussion along with the advise.