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Advantages of Fertility Without Borders

  1. Consult from the comfort of your home or office
  2. You and your partner could be in different locations and yet we could be in the same consult online at the same time
  3. Ask questions you could not ask your consultant for fear or shyness
  4. No more waiting for months or weeks for an appointment with your consultant
  5. The treatment you are undergoing is wonderful but you need someone to explain what is going on and the procedures involved.
  6. Charges for a consult are lesser than what you would pay in clinic.
  7. Availability of charts, pictures, videos, reading material at one place and from an authentic source
  8. Consulting usually means a commitment to get treated by the same consultant. Here the focus is always to simply advise you on how to take forward your treatment and what questions to ask your OWN consultant and not to shift.

Patients Quotes

"Sitting in Australia almost 5000 miles away and being able to get such a beautiful overview of my problems and an insight into possible solutions was amazing !!!!!"

Susan Strong, Australia

"My consultant here is wonderful but would give me a brief idea of the options available but would not go so far as to give his own opinion based on scientific literature and his vast experience as to which option I should take. Dr Rajeev helped me understand the finer nuances of each option and helped as a family member would. Am so grateful to him. "

Shreya Laha, UK

"Not having to travel to another city, not having to even step out of home and yet be able to consult Dr Rajeev Agarwal has been a dream come true. He came highly recommended from a friend all the way from Lagos and I must say, the trust in him has not been misplaced. "

Vinita Shroff, New Delhi

"I was never asked to change doctors or to come to Kolkata to consult him. I think that was the best part for me. He helped me in my own settings and environment without being selfish for his professional growth."

Divya Agarwal, Jharkhand